International Fellowship of Reconciliation and Martin Luther King

International Fellowship of Reconciliation and Martin Luther King

"I have a dream". That's the famous speech of this young Pastor to fight against segregation and racism on August 28, 1963. His action was the historical beginning of the fight of Black people for their rights. Martin Luther King collaborated with many organizations which have peace as aim and one of them is International Fellowship of Reconciliation (IFOR).

How was the collaboration?

As a reminder, IFOR is an organization founded by pacifist Christians after the First World War. It has a goal for "the world in peace". Many activists were contacted on their foundation and it has perpetuated. Martin Luther King is one of their contacts after an event that marked many generations.

A bus boycott in Montgomery

It should be emphasized that the speech of Martin Luther King, a Baptist Pastor has found and it was a few days before the "March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom" in 1963. This story began earlier with Rosa Parks. It's a common knowledge that she is a pioneer of Black people's fights for rights.

Actually, laws provided that there are seats for "White people" and "Colored ones" on the bus. One day, Rosa Parks was asked by the driver to leave her seat for a white passenger. She refused; she knew she had all rights in the world. Furious, the driver called the police and she landed in prison. Afterwards, she called a lawyer who knows White defenders for Black People's rights. She was liberated 2 nights after her arrest.

What is the link between Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King?

While this circumstance happened, the night after, the leaders of Afro-American communities get together for a meeting. The agenda was to find a solution, a sustainable solution about Rosa Parks. They talked about the injustice towards Black people while they live in the same country, belong to the same community.

Their conclusion is to create an Association which will defend Black people's rights. Then, by Martin Luther King, they claimed the equality between White and Black People on the choice of seats on the bus, the respect due to persons regardless of their skin color and Black people could be engaged as a driver.

What kind of link between Martin Luther King and IFOR

After giving the speech, Martin Luther King and IFOR make contact between them because they have the same vision: create lasting peace and fight against all forms of violence. To implement their discussion, King organized with other "March for non-violence and social disobedient" to fight against this inequality.

The first link is about Martin Luther King getting engaged in peace, a person that IFOR was looking for. In the middle of 1960s, IFOR turned to King to disagree about the Vietnam war. Subsequently, Martin Luther King was nominated for Nobel Peace Prize and won it, suggested by IFOR.

Being in peace doesn't always mean without direct conflicts, the aspect of the mind should be also considered. Martin Luther King is an example among many others, there are many peace preachers, as Prem Rawat. He is lecturer around the world about the importance of peace. Prem Rawat, has always talked that peace is necessary. Not only accept the others, but should be lived well.